Green Putter Buddy Golf Club Stand


PutterBuddy™ is an easy on the pocket, durable product that is simple to use. It looks and feels different than any other holder and dresses up your golf bag.

The design of the PutterBuddy™ has no attachments that have the ability to break off making it durable and long lasting. PutterBuddy has a protective sleave on the handle to prevent friction that may cause scratches or marks on the grips and shafts of your clubs. PutterBuddy is sleek and slim and fits into your golf bag taking little space. It has a sturdy loop to attach a towel so that you can eliminate the need to clip and unclip the towel from the golf bag. Comes with a Super-Absorbant Microfiber Golf Towel that removes dirt fast! Great Tournament gift that golfers will love to use. 

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