Welcome to Putter Buddy™, The Buddy you can lean on!
**Comes with New Microfiber Golf Towel to wipe clubs easily!**
Putter Buddy is not like any other club holder. Putter Buddy fits conveniently into your bag for storage, not on the outside of your bag like others. Putter Buddy is sleek and won't get caught on your other clubs when you pull it out to use. Stick Putter Buddy into the ground about 2 inches and hold 4 to 5 clubs easily! Great for driving range use and on the course! With a Putter Buddy, you won't have to worry about wet grips, leaving clubs on the ground or leaving clubs behind! 

We have a new Partner! Please take a look at another invention that is helpful to the everyday golfer. Swing-n-Clean click on the link.
We are so happy to say that Mr. Isaac "Sasquatch" Sanchez winner of
Big Break NFL is part of the Putter Buddy Family! Don't miss him on the next 
Big Break Invitational! 

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